1SC Senior Management have extensive experience working in various industry sectors.  These include industries of National Critical Infrastructure:


·       Healthcare

·       Government and Local Council

·       Energy

·       Corporate

·       Broadcast



Healthcare, For over 10 years, we’ve worked with hospitals, local surgeries', Local Authorities and private sector providers to improve people care and create a, safe and effective environments for patients, residents, staff and visitors. We continually invest in innovation and our staff, we create efficiencies through keeping overheads low, our people are highly trained and passionate about providing a quality of care they'd choose for themselves and a family member. 






Government and Local Council; providing security services to Government and Local Council buildings which may include enhanced levels of training and additional vetting such as CTC, SC or DV.  Utilising equipment such as hand and baggage scanners and providing a high level presence to deter criminal activity.






Energy; working with energy providers ensuring plants are adequately protected through proactive security and utilising intelligence to forewarn of actions such as protestor demonstrations.


We recognise that all plant facilities and critical to energy output and therefore understand the approach to be taken to ensure such operations remain operational.




Working with external agencies such as CTSA’s, Civil Nuclear Constabulary and Nuclear Regulators.






Corporate, we provide security to corporate and blue chip companies.  Our approach is to ensure that our officers are smart and able to operate in a high profile environment.  Uniforms can be client specific (suit, blazer) or our standard company uniform.






Broadcast,  working with our clients to ensure that sites and buildings are secure thereby assisting in the continual output of broadcast content, whether TV or radio.  Liaising with production units to provide security advice and ensure that outside broadcasts are safe, secure and able to go about their work in producing quality programmes.






Education, providing services schools and Universities.  Security requirements have increased over the years with issues being both internal and external.  Our aim is to make the establishment safe and secure, providing the education establishment and parents the piece of mind when children and students are studying.


Construction, we provide security staff to the construction industry.  Our officers are dressed in PPE to meet the requirements of the site.


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