Lone Worker Monitoring


1SC Guarding recognise that guards who work alone may be exposed to hazards that are not usually present when working with other guards. 

We additionally recognise that extra precautions are required to safeguard the health and safety of lone working staff.

The company makes it a priority that the physiological, psychological and safety needs of the guards are met before the start of a shift. 

We respond to those needs by frequently engaging with guards during their shift to ensure they have a decent supply of food, that their working environment is safe and that they are kept motivated by completing different tasks.  

By doing this 1SC can help contribute towards the wellbeing of a guard.

It is our policy to:

  • Carry out a suitable and sufficient risk assessment for lone working activities.
  • Provide a safe system of work for staff.
  • Provide appropriate information and training to all lone working staff.
  • Make adequate first aid provision for all lone working staff.


Below is our Lone Worker Safety Procedure - 




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