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More than 1,000 Transport for London (TfL)-registered private hire drivers have addresses as far away as Bradford and Cardiff.

Letters released by the Mayor of London's Office show there were 747 TfL-registered minicab drivers in Birmingham and 378 in Bristol. 

So, if they’re working in London but living in Bradford, where do they sleep after their shift? In their cars, cleaning themselves with baby wipes and using their finger to brush their teeth. Hmm hygienic! 

An easy and simple option but one that’s to easy for the government or any council to conceive would be, issue Cab/taxi/private hire licenses to those only living and working in a geographical area.  That would mean, the driver would know where to go and would not need a Sat-Nav to navigate to areas they have no idea about, it might even mean you get a clean cab and a clean driver, maybe that’s stretching it?

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Happy Chinese New Year!!! One of the most colourful and beautiful events held triggering celebrations all across the world!

How is Chinese New Year celebrated?

Across the world its celebrated with an explosion of light and sound, including bells ringing, lighting firecrackers and watching traditional lion dances, my fav!

Families gather together for a reunion on new years eve for dinner and sweep the bad fortunes away for New Year’s Day!

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From everyone at 1SC Guarding Ltd!!

If you’re celebrating alone, have an extra drink and think how lucky you are. If you’re with your intended buy them champagne.



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