Corporate Social Responsibility



- Employees

1SC Guarding Ltd is committed to creating and maintaining a safe and healthy working environment for its employees. We will strive to create a workplace in which there is mutual trust and respect and where every person feels responsible for the performance and reputation of our company.



- Customers

1SC Guarding Ltd is committed to providing safe, value for money, high quality, consistent, accessible and reliable services to its customers. 

We will also ensure that we deal responsibly, openly and fairly with clients and potential clients by:

  •           Ensuring that all our advertising and documentation about the business and its activities are clear,      informative, legal, honest.
  •           Being open and honest about our products and services and telling customers what they want to know, including what we do to be socially responsible



- Suppliers

We purchase a wide range of goods and services required in the operation of our business and we also rely heavily on a number of key suppliers for the delivery of our core services. Good working relationships with our suppliers are therefore central to the success of our business.



- Community

In line with our core values, our community strategy incorporates the following elements:

  • Working and supporting local and national charities
  • Encouraging volunteer work in community activities
  • Supporting local schools
  • Undertaking voluntary business advisory services via professional bodies


 To see a copy of our CSR policy click here.




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