Mission and Values


1SC Guarding Ltd's mission is to deliver a first class service to our clients in London and the South East. Due to our lean management system and resilient approach we are able to show:


Customer Focus

We absolutely understand that customers are our lifeblood, but equally clients want our services to be proactive, pragmatic and tailored to their requirements. We always deliver on these points.



Through the use of the latest IT devices, in tandem with a full suite of in depth, but relevant KPI’s we will always keep our customers fully informed of everything we do.


Employee Focus

Delivering a first class service demands a lot from our employees who understandably are our ambassadors. We understand that the welfare of our staff directly impacts upon our ability to service customers. We will always seek to operate in a fair, honest and a friendly manner with forward thinking employee benefits.



Having a focused, flat management structure enables us to act quickly, whether that is coping with fluctuations and changes within our clients/suppliers in a proactive manner. Decisions are made quickly and efficiently. 



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